Latest Testimonial

“When it comes to suppliers I am not really particular with their products or whatever they have. I am always looking into the sales service. At first I wasn’t really comfortable to give them a chance to present their products, Because of my past experiences from my previous suppliers. But then, there is no harm in trying and so there was a time an agent from their company arranged an appointment with me, and presented their products, I asked for a quotation and to that same day it was closed. I tested if what they have promised me were true like their commitment to their delivery date/time and all the other guarantees. And to my surprise, they were even earlier than my expected time. They installed three conference tables, the installers were with their agents and they were very accommodating. K.U.S right now has been my supplier for about 3 years already and I am happy with their service plus the fact that their materials really have great quality and I never felt disappointed in this company. Great Job guys!”

-Mr. Gilbert Alvarado , President of Fiberrex Philippines

“At first, I was having terrible experiences with my previous suppliers. They did had me with a very good sales talk that’s why I gave them a chance but when I get to have my first order. I got very disappointed and was really worst. I just got my visitor’s chair that time and the next day I was having different complains from my staffs! The tables, chairs and even the partitions were in bad condition and we even came to a point where we suspended our operations because of very poor products from these suppliers. Luckily a friend called me and told me that he has a good supplier and he has tested and proved it through the years. And so I knew about K.U.S. when I had a meeting with their agents I was impressed on how they presented their company and what really cached my interest are their guarantee and other great services that I haven’t experienced from my previous suppliers. From then on until now K.U.S has been consistently reaching my expectations and I hope more companies will experience excellence the same way as K.U.S. has been doing for me.”

-Ms. Tina Ronquillo

“ I have dealt with different suppliers before but I must say only K.U.S. Provided with me with great service throughout the years. I never worry when I need to meet certain deadlines; they always deliver on time and have a very systematic way in checking the orders, installing them up to the time everything is done. They even do a quick assessment of the office to check what else can be improved. I am happy with their service and I always recommend them to my friends who also have their own offices. Also not to mention their excellent after sales service, the agents are very reliable and knows their stuff pretty good. Keep it up guys; you do a very good job in the furniture industry.”

-Ms. Jean Cruz of Purchaser ECPay