• Seating System

    We tend to be more productive when we feel comfortable in what we do. Just like seating in a comfortable chair, our mind is relaxed when we work that results a better performance. Comfort, is the main...

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  • Panel System

    The setting of today’s workplace is changing. These changes are based from people’s demands, demands to seek for more convenience and provide them a lot of possibilities to enjoy working in their ...

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  • Filing System

    Just like in any company, their files are secured giving them access for any records or documentations. Either we want to conserve space or in need of bigger cabinets, It is all right here. We do cust...

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  • Desking System

    Meetings, Coffee Breaks, Conference or even just a casual talk. Tables give life to any activity . More than just a material for placing things, We continuously developed it either on style or dependi...

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Kus office system mfg. corp

  • We do customization of cabinets, preferably wood. We have a lot of options about cabinets like locker cabinets, storage and not just for simply filing documents. Another feature that we have is that we do replace the locker handles.

  • One of the services that we offer when I comes to our tables is reconfiguration, may it be less or too big for the size we can definitely provide a solution for it. Also, with our laminations, our tables are scratch proof and don’t leave any markings when you are writing on a paper.

  • Comfort, is the main factor that people consider in buying chairs. Our chairs are made from 100 percent high quality foams. . A variety of designs to choose from according to the end user’s preference and to top it all, we offer 5 years warranty to all parts except for the fabric.